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Sven Barth pascaldragon at googlemail.com
Fri Nov 28 20:08:57 CET 2014

Am 28.11.2014 17:52 schrieb "Adriaan van Os" <fpc at microbizz.nl>:
> Sven Barth wrote:
>>  > Is there a fixed policy to include packages like these with FPC (or
not) ? The license is Mozilla Public License 1.1.
>> The policy is that we'd like to reduce the amount of packages we ship
with FPC directly. For this there is a package repository which can be
accessed using fppkg. Currently there is only a lnet package, but if you
take a look at the wiki entry for fppkg you might be able to add a new
package description file for the DirectX headers so that we can add it
> So, these "extra" packages are not in svn trunk ? But on separate servers
? But how are they synced with compiler changes ? Who creates and maintains
them ?

Currently quite some are (lazarus-ccr also contains some), but we want to
change this in the future so that not every package under the sun is
distributed with FPC. Also those packages are normally not that sensitive
to compiler changes (and if something needs to he adjusted it would be the
job of the maintainer to do that). The release cycle of the compiler is one
of the reasons why we want to change the current way: the compiler gets a
new release every 1 to 1 1/2 years, but some packages (e.g. MySQL) might
have a quicker iteration or might not be in "sync" with FPC's release cycle
(imagine a new MySQL version released shortly after a FPC release... Great
-.- ).
Both creators and maintainers could (and for some packages even should)
come from the community. That would be one of the benefits of fppkg: less
work for us in the long term :)

> I will note that DirectX Pascal bindings do seem to be distributed with

That is no reason whatsoever to distribute them with FPC as well.
Currently everyone gets the full package of packages even if they aren't
needed. So it's more useful to have a repository where everyone can
download those packages he needs. Other languages have similar approaches
(e.g. Python and Ruby if I remember correctly).

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