[fpc-devel] Trying to understand the wiki-Page "FPC Unicode support"

Hans-Peter Diettrich DrDiettrich1 at aol.com
Thu Nov 27 16:54:44 CET 2014

Michael Schnell schrieb:
> On 11/26/2014 07:13 PM, Hans-Peter Diettrich wrote:
>> Not all codepages have a fixed number of bytes per character.
>> The string preamble contains the *element size* (1 for AnsiString), 
>> just like with every dynamic array.
> Sorry for sloppy wording. Of course I did mean "element size" 
> ("Character" here obviously is not "printable item").

I'd restrict the use of "character" to physical Char types, just to 
avoid any misinterpretation.

Printable items (glyphs) are independent from the storage format. 
Ligatures or umlauts can consist of multiple "codepoints", and several 
Unicode codepoints are not even printable.

A single printable "character", as selectable by a single cursor step, 
can consist of multiple codepoints, even (or just) in Unicode.

That's why I'd expect that the FPC documentation includes a glossary and 
definition of the terms, which should be used in the documentation and 


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