[fpc-devel] ThousandSeparator

Sven Barth pascaldragon at googlemail.com
Thu Nov 27 07:50:09 CET 2014

On 26.11.2014 16:54, Hans-Peter Diettrich wrote:
> When the system does not notify all other (running) programs of such an
> global change, or when some other stupid program doesn't know how to
> deal with changed settings, the user better shuts down and restarts his
> system, before and after using that ill behaved program.
> But exactly *what* should a clever program do, when it receives such a
> change notification? What should happen with the formatted numbers,
> shown in the forms of the program? Which code (app/OS?) puts the
> separators into formatted number strings?

At my old company our Delphi application handled runtime changes to 
these settings rather well. For display the normal XToY (e.g. DateToStr) 
functions are used which use the DefaultFormatSettings which are updated 
automatically (the VCL's message loop triggers a repaint when format 
settings were changed in the system). *This* is how I expect an 
application to behave (afterall Microsoft's own applications behave this 
way as well).


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