[fpc-devel] UTF8 RTL

Marco van de Voort marcov at stack.nl
Wed Nov 19 09:12:26 CET 2014

In our previous episode, Jonas Maebe said:
> > As Jonas said, not using utf8 on Windows.
> No, that's not what I said. There is no problem with using UTF-8 on Windows.

As long as you explicitely use utf8string. 
> > A TStringlist with a ansistrings 
> > in them passed to an RTL routine will be seen as ansi.
> That is incorrect (although right now there are no RTL routines that
> accept stringlists and that are also codepage-aware).

But I meant that even if you use utf8string in many places as soon as you
stuff it in a container like tstringlist, that is gone.  (forced ansi
conversion, since tstringlist's interface is defined using plain string(0))

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