[fpc-devel] fp without X

waldo kitty wkitty42 at windstream.net
Mon Mar 17 19:28:52 CET 2014

On 3/17/2014 2:07 PM, Mark Morgan Lloyd wrote:
> waldo kitty wrote:
>> On 3/17/2014 6:46 AM, Mark Morgan Lloyd wrote:
>>> There might be something related to the  locale  command relevant to this. As a
>>> quick test I've just fired up fp on a Debian (non-x86) console and framing etc.
>>> was OK, I see LANG set to en_GB.UTF-8
>> yeah, i'm in the US... i did post the two settings i saw from the environment
>> that i thought were important... what other environment settings may affect this?
> Frankly, I don't know. I do a lot of shell stuff, but it's almost always within
> Konsole (on KDE, Xfce etc.) and often over ssh since this combination gives me
> cut-and-paste etc.

yeah, i wasn't too worried about that at this point... however, in the interest 
of testing, i connected from a different machine via ssh and the double-line 
frame characters are showing up properly... this time, TERM is "xterm" instead 
of "linux" as on the local console... hummm... perhaps it is just a matter of 
changing the local console's TERM to "xterm"? i dunno (yet)... there's certainly 
on X running at this time ;)

i think konsole is the terminal app i use when in X but don't recall at the 
moment without going to that area and looking... which ever one it is that i 
use, it is available in all installs since the 90s or so and the one i've always 

but i'm still wanting to solve this on the local console since that's where i 
spend most of my time when i'm in the operations area...

>>> I'm uneasy about things like console and X codepages, and the corresponding
>>> keyboard mappings. One problem is that when they're changed they tend to be
>>> system-wide, another is that things like available founts and codepages can
>>> depend on how much of X11 has been installed. Put another way, your console
>>> might be broken /because/ X isn't installed, not /despite/ it.
>> actually, X is installed but not running... i'm on tty1 - tty6... if i type
>> "startx" then X starts up but the machine only has 512M RAM and cannot handle
>> any more... i had 768M in it and on boot it says that 512M is the max so i
>> pulled the other 256M and put it to use elsewhere... with only 512M of RAM, it
>> is slower than molasses in mid-winter :(  so, i use the plain non-GUI local
>> console for most work i do on it...
> Try using Xfce or another "lightweight" desktop, and try using a non-composting
> UI (the poor performance might be because your 3D acceleration isn't working).

i've tried other GUIs but didn't like them for various reasons... mainly being 
able to easily configure them which is why i've stuck with KDE all these 
years... i'll have to try Xfce or similar again and see if they are easier to 
configure and "right click, add shortcut" type stuffs...

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