[fpc-devel] fp without X

waldo kitty wkitty42 at windstream.net
Sun Mar 16 22:08:25 CET 2014

i'm not sure this is the proper area for this... if it is not, please point me 
to the proper list...

i've a ubuntu system that i'm trying to run fp on... X does *not* start 
automatically... i'm working from the virtual console(s) 99% of the time... what 
i'm seeing and trying to solve is the frames in fp are showing up as diamond 
characters... after i got the help stuff loading properly, i noted that when i 
switched away from the editor frame, it showed the single line frame characters 
and the help frame was all diamonds... closing the help and returning to the 
editor switched the editor frame back to diamonds...

i found the document in the share directory that speaks of 
/etc/syscontrol/console but my ubuntu system doesn't have such... i did find 
something online where i was able to change my console font from VGA to Terminus 
and a few others but none of them have helped...

in the above mentioned document, it also speaks of the grab_vcsa tool... i tried 
linking this from my ~/development (created by fpcup) but ended up having to 
actually copy the binary to /usr/local/bin (in my path and where i selected to 
place it) and then set it to owner:group root... i also set the SUID bit as the 
document mentions but even this has not helped...

looking at my freepascal installs on my winwhatever and OS/2 machines, i see 
that the frame is normally the double line frame characters and that it does 
switch to the single line frame characters when selecting another window in fp...


1. what am i missing to solve this?

2. will fixing this in the console cause problems when i do run the X GUI and 
open a xterm (or other) console so as to be able to work from the command line?

thanks for any assistance! :)

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