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LacaK lacak at zoznam.sk
Fri Mar 14 13:40:28 CET 2014

> Nope.  Is that required?
Yes is. TSQLQuery is descendant of "buffered dataset" so all changes 
what you do are cached localy until they are applied to remote database.
ApplyUpdates does it ...

> How does that factor in to accessing the data through bound controls?
Bound controls have nothing with it ;-)

> Thanks.
> Nathan T. Wild
> On Mar 13, 2014 9:57 AM, "LacaK" <lacak at zoznam.sk 
> <mailto:lacak at zoznam.sk>> wrote:
>     Nathan Wild  wrote / napĂ­sal(a):
>         I have been transitioning my work over from Delphi to Lazarus.
>          For the most part it has been smooth and satisfying
>         experience.  I'm loving Lazarus and FPC and being unburdened
>         by closed source proprietary stuff in general.
>         The majority of the work I do requires connections to a
>         Pervasive database (from Btrieve v6 all the way up to the most
>         current).  I should be able to do this via ODBC.  I have no
>         problem reading data, executing queries, etc. but as soon I
>         try and act on a TSQLQuery using methods like .Delete(),
>         .Append(), etc. everything appears to work fine, but as soon
>         as the dataset refreshes my changes disappear.  I can write to
>         the same tables using INSERT, DELETE and UPDATE queries
>         without issue.
>     Do you use TSQLQuery.ApplyUpdates followed by
>     TSQLTransaction.Commit or CommitRetaining ?
>     -lacak.
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