[fpc-devel] odbcconn.pas

Michael Van Canneyt michael at freepascal.org
Fri Mar 14 10:08:19 CET 2014

On Thu, 13 Mar 2014, Nathan Wild wrote:

> Thanks so much for responding!  I am extremely excited about the prospect of getting this working.
> Nothing I do in databound controls seems to commit anything to the underlying dataset.
> If I open a connection, activate a TSQLQuery with 'SELECT * FROM AnyTable', connect it toa dbgrid, etc.  I can delete rows,
> edit data etc. and it appears to work normally.  Changes take effect inside the controls, values change in the dataset,
> etc. but as soon as I disconnect and reconnect the dataset all my changes are reverted.
>   ODBCConnection1.Connected := TRUE;
>   SQLQuery1.SQL.Clear();
>   SQLQuery1.SQL.Append('SELECT * FROM AnyTable');
>   SQLQuery1.Active := TRUE;
>   SQLQuery1.Delete();
>   SQLQuery1.Edit();
>   SQLQuery1['AnyField'] := 'CHANGED';
>   SQLQuery1.Post();
> All of these changes take place in the UI.  i.e. the first row is deleted and the field is modified in the second.  As soon
> as I close and re-open the table, both changes are undone.

You must call applyupdates. 
Post only modifies the in-memory copy of the data, but doesn't actually execute any queries on the database.
Only when you call ApplyUpdates(), the SQL will be executed to update the database.


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