[fpc-devel] XML / SAX - Removing redundancies

Sergei Gorelkin sergei_gorelkin at mail.ru
Wed Mar 12 12:06:04 CET 2014

12.03.2014 1:32, Daniel Gaspary пишет:
> I have uploaded a patch[1] to remove the TSaxInputSource, it is
> redundant with TXmlInputSource from XmlReader unit.
> I believe the TSAXXMLReader.Parse method have almost the same
> functionality of xmltextreader.TXMLTextReader.
> I would like to know if and how it can be modified. The base class,
> TSaxReader, needs much more changing and could affect users of the
> class.

I had an idea of replacing SAX with proxy to TXMLTextReader once I've written the latter, but it 
appears that SAX is just beyond redemption. One case is that it reports attribute names in LocalName 
property instead of QualifiedName, which means that any code using SAX reads them from wrong place 
and *will* break if SAX is made compliant.

OTOH, if we go for breaking user's code, then it is much better to drop SAX altogether and switch 
over to TXMLTextReader.

 From these points of view the best way is probably to document TXMLTextReader, deprecate SAX and 
leave it alone.

All above is about sax-xml; sax-html, unfortunately, does not have a better alternative in FPC packages.


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