[fpc-devel] ARMHF a separate CPU? Why?

Vsevolod Alekseyev sevaa at sprynet.com
Mon Mar 10 02:36:48 CET 2014

Well, the iOS support in FPC could use some love, too. Out of three iOS
target architectures that Xcode 5.x supports, FPC only generates code for
one. And the installation process isn't exactly straightforward, either. The
Xcode templates for Pascal aren't even a part of FPC proper.

It looks to me like development by drive-by patch has been going for quite a
while. I smell burnout...

> You're absolutely right that this needs to be fleshed out better. Most of
the ARM platform support (not code generator, that's separate),
> except for iOS, has however been added via "drive-by patches" or just a
bit of quick hacking until it worked for a single person, 
> rather than by people want to commit themselves as "full time" maintainers
of FPC for those platforms (including building/packaging 
> releases for all relevant distributions/platforms, following up on all
related bug reports etc). 
> Combined with the mishmash that is ARM ABIs and sub-platforms, the
situation is less than satisfactory at this time.

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