[fpc-devel] CPPClass

Sven Barth pascaldragon at googlemail.com
Wed Jan 22 08:51:43 CET 2014

Am 22.01.2014 00:55 schrieb "Den" <cyraid at gmail.com>:
>     I would definitely be interested in it.  I am done a project in about
3 months, so it would be *cough* (AWESOME) if you could by then *cough*! ;)

I won't promise anything, cause I have quite a few FPC projects, that are
currently put on ice due to.ky thesis:
- generic functions and methods (and of course bug fixes)
- dynamic packages
- extension of helpers
- m68k revival
- NativeNT improvement
- Windows RT ?

The list just does not end... :/

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