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Thaddy thaddy at thaddy.com
Wed Jan 8 09:02:56 CET 2014

Hoi, Marco,

native win32 ben je vergeten.

Groetjes, Thaddy
On 6-1-2014 13:10, Marco van de Voort wrote:
> To whom it may concern, fyi
> The RTL was getting quite big, and is compiled 4-5 times per make all, so
> with a major branch splitting off in the next half year and the end of the
> 2.6.x branch, it was considered time to move some of them to packages.
> As some of you might have noticed, the first such rearrangements have been
> made, three new packages have been created, containing the units listed
> below.
> rtl-extra  : objects matrix ucomplex
> rtl-objpas : convutil(s) dateutil(s) stdconvs variants varutils
> rtl-console: crt video keyboard mouse
> Another package (rtl-unicode?) with encoding table units will follow in the
> coming weeks, and more units will be moved to rtl-extra.
> This work is done in pieces because with 30+ rtl/xxx/Makefile.fpc to edit,
> it is a bit sensitive. If you get an error compiling the RTL or a package
> due to a missing unit on trunk, don't hesitate to report it here.
> Thank you.
> Marco
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