[fpc-devel] Trunk does not compile for armv6m since rev. 26346

Nico Erfurth ne at erfurth.eu
Thu Jan 2 14:11:27 CET 2014

On 02.01.14 13:24, Nico Erfurth wrote:
> On 02.01.14 12:51, Michael Ring wrote:
>> Checkin Comment was:
>> Optimized support for 32x32 => 64bit multiplications on ARM
>> This code uses UMULL and SMULL to perform the multiplications, which
>> take two 32bit source registers and two 32bit destination registers.
>> ... umull is not supported by cortex-m0 chips ...
> Sorry, I've forget to add that check, will checkin a fix in the next 30
> minutes.

Should be fixed by r26354. Could you please test it for cortex-m0 devices?

I've added a new CPU-feature flag CPUARM_HAS_UMULL and also used it for
the 64x64=>64bit code.


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