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Michael Schnell mschnell at lumino.de
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Good news from Jy V

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Reinier, and to all of you who have received an Odroid device,

just a quick note to announce that I have been able to compile on the 
Odroid the XMLRAD demo project Ultima,
it is over 100KLOC leveraging low level native APIs, it is a fully 
functionnal embedded web application server stack,
the whole toolchain FPC+Lazarus source tree has been compiled using 
FPCUP for Odroid provided by Reinier,
it tooks 30 minutes or so to build the development environment 
automatically (FPC+Lazarus),
then it took me less than 2 hours to port the demo project Ultima to 
compile properly on Odroid U3,

I can now safely recommend FPCUP which provides the easiest migration 
path for those willing to port on Linux ARM existing freepascal program,
no need anylonger the impossible cross compile strategy,
now the debugging is performed directly on the device, this is a big 
the demo program is able to run almost properly (it is big step from 
running the Windows EXE compiled with Delphi to run on Linux using Wine 
for x86 without being able to debug),
it took me less than 4 hours to debug the few issues I faced,
I updated accordingly the few modifications required to the XMLRAD repo 
at sourceforge,

please keep the FPC community updated as you are making progress on 
porting your existing program to Odroid using FPCUP,
being able to deploy web application server appliances into the wild for 
less than $100 is a real opportunity,

Kind regards, Jerome.

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