[fpc-devel] FPC Android crashes in Tegra CPUs

peter green plugwash at p10link.net
Thu Dec 25 01:06:57 CET 2014

Sergio Flores wrote:

> Eg: Calling lnxp1(x) with x>1 results in a SIGILL crash.
> I've got an Android app in Play Store with around 300 thousand 
> downloads, and from what I've gathered, this crash happens in any 
> Tegra based device, and only on those.
AIUI many tegra devices don't support neon, I wonder if a neon 
instruction is being used either because of incorrect compiler settings 
or because of incorrect inline assembler code.

If this was happening on regular linux i'd suggest using gdb to get a 
backtrace and a dissasembly of the sigill location but i'm not sure how 
possible that is on andriod or how easy it is to get a suitable tegra 
device running regular linux to experiment on.

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