[fpc-devel] OS/2 and DLLs

Bernd Oppolzer bernd.oppolzer at t-online.de
Wed Dec 17 22:51:46 CET 2014

Am 17.12.2014 22:37, schrieb Ralf Quint:
> On 12/17/2014 12:38 PM, rpzrpzrpz at gmail.com wrote:
>> Ralf, Such passion for obsolescence...
> Thanks!
>> What is the use case other than a hobby and pride for OS/2 support?
> What ever the user wants to do! Who are you to tell other people what 
> is a valid use case or not?!?
> And just for your information, OS/2 (now under the name eComStation) 
> is still a commercially available OS (http://www.ecomstation.com/).

I am a professional working developer,
and I am still using two OS/2 development machines
to build software, most of the time written in ANSI C,
which is targetted in the end to other platforms like
Unixes or z/OS mainframe, but OS/2 still is the development
platform I like most. And I use it almost every day. The IBM
compilers and debuggers etc. are superb, I also use (old versions of)
Oracle and DB2 on this platform and many own - portable - libraries
for XML processing, for example, and other interesting tasks.

I would like to help Tomas in his efforts, but at the moment
I have no time .. maybe next year.

Kind regards


> But in your case, as good old Mr. Thomas Gray said, "Where ignorance 
> is bliss, 'tis folly to be wise."
> Ralf
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