[fpc-devel] fpmkunit - support for listing of packages for install.dat updates (Was: Re: [Core] Short 8.3 archive-filenames by fpmake)

Tomas Hajny XHajT03 at hajny.biz
Sat Dec 6 05:14:06 CET 2014

On 30 Nov 14, at 1:48, FPC Core Developer List <core wrote:

Hi Joost,

> I guess that I'll have a look at extending fpmkunit so that it allows 
> extracting the metadata in a format compatible to install.dat (as 
> used for the text-mode installer for Go32v2 and OS/2) to simplify 
> addition of packages new since the previous release. It wouldn't 
> automate it fully (that would require much more effort due to 
> restrictions for the description length, possibility of keyboard 
> shortcuts, etc.), but the effort especially when adding a bigger 
> amount of packages at once (like now with the split utils ;-) ) would 
> be much lower. Deriving this functionality from support for the 
> Manifest command looks quite easy at the first sight. Obviously, I'll 
> send you a patch for your review first.

As mentioned above, I've prepared a patch for fpmkunit to allow 
listing of packages in a way supporting simplification of updates of 
install.dat (the file used by the text-mode installer under OS/2 and 

It works by adding a new command ('pkglist'). If used for standard 
packages (rather than 'utils'), '-zp units-' needs to be passed among 
fpmake options. I've added special recognition for explicit passing 
of 'osnone' as target OS which is used in this command to generate 
list of zip files with sources (instead of archive with compiled 
files). I had to use different rules for evaluation of the 
AllLimit83fsOSes (generation of files supporting manual editing of 
install.dat for its update in SVN should not depend on the host 
operating system where this operation is performed), but this special 
treatment is limited to this new command, of course.

Please, let me know what you think about it and if I may commit these 


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