[fpc-devel] $FPCTARGET macro and friends

waldo kitty wkitty42 at windstream.net
Thu Dec 4 02:07:27 CET 2014

On 12/3/2014 6:04 PM, Tomas Hajny wrote:
> On 3 Dec 14, at 16:38, waldo kitty wrote:
>> i'm trying to figure out the macros to have FP search for and output files in
>>     i386-win32
>>     i386-os2
>>     i386-linux
>> and similar... i had thought that $FPCTARGETCPU-$FPCTARGETOS would work but
>> apparently not... so, without hardcoding them, how can i have FP use the same
>> directories that Lazarus uses?
> Under which (host) operating system does that FP run?

i was trying to do this on the vista installation... the goal was mainly for 
conformity and uniformity...

> The OS/2
> compiler and IDE (and Makefiles, etc.) are configured to use shorter
> version of the $FPCTARGET macro (only the target OS without the CPU
> platform),

yeah, i figured that out when i went to changing the target and saw how 
$FPCTARGET was being filled in in the exe output path...

> because on one hand, OS/2 isn't supported on multiple CPU
> types anyway,

not even powerpc? ;)

> on the other hand, this allows compilation also on OS/2
> installations using FAT drives (i.e. without LFN)

yeah, i never had any luck with trying to use FPC on fat drives... not the OS/2 
version or the DOS version so i abandoned that and went back to full HPFS and 
only the native OS/2 flavor of FPC... *but* i do have some things that i need to 
be able to do in a DOS set up but i've been falling back to my TP/BP 6/7 stuff 
for that... making the switches back and forth is pretty tough to do at times...

> and also e.g.
> assembling and linking of programs compiled for the GO32v2 target
> using the GO32v2 as.exe and ld.exe under OS/2 (which wouldn't be
> possible otherwise, because they wouldn't see directories with long
> names under OS/2).

i've never used GO32 stuff... i really don't need it for my DOS stuff, either... 
that's another reason why i drop back to my old BP/TP installs... GO32 just adds 
too much that i don't need for those projects (eg: DOS BBS Doors)...

> I'd be interested to understand the particular scenario you want to
> cover.

as above, just uniformity to make scripting packaging easier... or so i 
thought... plus attempting to cross-compile... i've never done that and wanted 
to see if it could be done easily... so i found the win32->OS2 binutils and 
added them to my vista installation and gave it a go... that's when i realized 
that i need to adjust the paths to use some sort of TARGETOS and TARGETCPU stuff 
so i started playing around and trying things since there's nothing available 
(documentation) that's worth a darn telling how to do this... at least nothing i 
found that a beginner could easily understand and that was oriented to 
winwhatever as the base platform (for now) with basically the same for doing 
similar for other platforms...

> As an example, if you e.g. access some shared network drive
> with your sources from multiple operating systems and want to use one
> installation of e.g. the OS/2 files used for all of Linux, Win32 and
> OS/2, you could set up symlinks (Linux) / junctions (MS Windows) on
> the file server so that 'i386-os2' used on one platform points to the
> same physical place as 'os2' used by the OS/2 installation. Note that
> this scenario is not officially supported by FPC (although workable
> with the minimum effort outlined above).

yeah, i don't have anything here that i can do that with... especially nothing 
SAMBA or NETBEUI styled... the OS/2 box is on another network from the other 
machines and those protocols are not routable... i used to do such a long time 
ago but i've separated things so that the servers are separate from the 
workstations for obvious security reasons ;)

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