[fpc-devel] Newbie question: how does the compiler know the class type of an object ( the Is operator)

Sven Barth pascaldragon at googlemail.com
Mon Aug 25 14:33:56 CEST 2014

Am 25.08.2014 13:50 schrieb "Marco van de Voort" <marcov at stack.nl>:
> In our previous episode, Sven Barth said:
> > >> Oh I see now. The old "object" style used in turbo pascal!
> > >>
> > > Your original question was about TObject.
> > >
> > > AFAIK, old style TP "Object" is depreciated and usually can be
> > by records containing methods.
> >
> > It is *not* deprecated.
> It was flagged as one of the constructs to be removed from the Delphi
> "Nextgen" compiler. But that was all "looking at".

In Delphi they are to be considered deprecated for a long time already. But
I don't care about that as I'm a FPC developer where they aren't

> Afaik the mobile compiler is the fruit of that
> project, but I don't have it, haven't tested it, so I don't know if
> > At least not in FPC. Also unlike records it
> > supports inheritance.
> Limited use without dynamic instantiation.

I wouldn't say that. Even without dynamic instantiation it would at least
allow for reduced amount of code for structures that share some fields and
thus maybe logic...

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