[fpc-devel] Exporting functions in an Android library

Sergio Flores relfos at gmail.com
Tue Aug 19 06:43:27 CEST 2014

Hi again!
This mail is the continuation of the Androids threads problem.
As you guys said, the threads problem seems to be caused by using a old
version of the compiler, so I went and compiled fpc from trunk, for Android
Then I tried compiling my game using the cross compiler I just built.

I had to make some changes to the compilation options:
Replaced -Tlinux with -Tandroid
Replaced -CfVFPV2 with -CfVFPV3
Removed -mfloat-abi=hard
Added new unit path (units\rtl-objpas, seems it was necessary for dateutils

And then it compiled fine, generated a .so, like before. All seems ok, so I
compile my java code, and make an apk. When I try running the game now it
crashes at startup.

D/dalvikvm( 5667): Trying to load lib
/data/data/com.terra.minimon3d/lib/libterraARMV7.so 0x424967b8
E/AndroidRuntime( 5667): java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: Cannot load
library: reloc_library[1307]:   111 cannot locate 'PASCALMAIN'...

Strange... So I run nm on the .so file to check exported symbols.
D:\code\minimonhd\trunk\Android\libs\armeabi-v7a>nm -g libterraARMV7.so
         U INITFINAL
(and others, calloc, malloc, FPC_RESOURCESTRINGTABLES, etc)

Where are my own exported JNI functions, they are gone?
I had like 30 of them, that were correctly exported with an older FPC.

Confused by this, I compile the game again, but this time with the older
FPC version.
I then run nm on the .so and the functions are all there...
0005aa08 T JNI_OnLoad
0005aa34 T JNI_OnUnload
00059b30 T Java_com_pascal_terra_TERRALibrary_ApplicationContextLost
00059b2c T Java_com_pascal_terra_TERRALibrary_ApplicationGetOrientation
Something curious, PASCALMAIN is not anywhere in the export symbols now.
And I don't even understand why this is being called when I load the
library in the Java side?

My own exported functions are all declared in the main file.
They are defined like this:

Procedure Java_com_pascal_terra_TERRALibrary_ApplicationShutdown(env,
obj:Pointer);  stdcall; export; [public];

Note that even in the old compiler, if the functions are defined outside
the main file they were not exported, compiler bug or some kind of
Also the part "export; [public];" seems necessary in Android, otherwise
they were also not exported correctly. I don't really understand what
[public] means, and sadly could not find documentation about it.
Finally, in the end of the main file I have an exports section, listing all
functions I want to export, all worked before so what changed that causes
the symbols to not be exported in the .so?

And why is this PASCALMAIN being exported, since I'm compiling a library
not a program?

Here's the complete compilation options I'm using, just in case I'm missing
-TAndroid -a -Parm -CpARMV7 -CfVFPV3 -gl -vewnhi -Xd -Sg -O-
-XParm-linux-androideabi-   -FUbuild -FEandroid\libs\%TARGET_OUTPUT%\
(plus fpc\units\rtl, rtl-objpas and 10 other paths belonging to my own

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