[fpc-devel] fpc libraries do not work in freeBSD...

Fred van Stappen fiens at hotmail.com
Wed Aug 6 12:16:56 CEST 2014

Yep, Many thanks to take care Tomas.

> I assume that you should have changed dllprt0.as rather than prt0.as?

Yes, of course (sorry for bad copy).

> Moreover - remind me, do you target FreeBSD under x86_64 or x86 (if you
> change the wrong one, it wouldn't have any effect, of course)? The snippet
> above seems to suggest x86_64 (considering the offsets for argc and argv
> addresses)...

Yes, my target is x86_64 too...

Hum, maybe totally stupid, but if uncomment each line ( remove first "." (dot)) ?

Change dllprt0.as with that :
global operatingsystem_parameter_envp
global operatingsystem_parameter_argc
global operatingsystem_parameter_argv
set operatingsystem_parameter_envp,operatingsystem_parameters+0
set operatingsystem_parameter_argc,operatingsystem_parameters+8
set operatingsystem_parameter_argv,operatingsystem_parameters+16

Many thanks Tomas.


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