[fpc-devel] Heaptrc settings by environments

Martin Frb lazarus at mfriebe.de
Tue Apr 22 18:50:44 CEST 2014

On 22/04/2014 08:12, Michael Van Canneyt wrote:
> On Mon, 21 Apr 2014, Martin Frb wrote:
>> About:
>>  tracesize = 8;
>> This is currently used in type definition
>> theap_mem_info = record
>>    calls    : array [1..tracesize] of codepointer;
>> So it can not be changed at runtime.
>> Without any intend of immediate action, but curiosity for future 
>> potential patches, would it be considered acceptable, if:
>> - The array was moved to the end of record, and defined
>>    calls    : array [1..8] of codepointer;
> I would make this array[1..1] of codepointer.
Was my first thought.

Then I reflected that the record should be dividable by 8 bytes. Though 
I overdone it, 1..2 (for 32 bit) would do that.)
Of course not really needed either, since the memory boundary will 
anyway be adjusted when the variable length is added.

>> But (without range check) would allow arbitrary indexes
>> - All memory alloc would replace "sizeof(theap_mem_info)" by 
>> "sizeof(theap_mem_info)+(tracesize-8)*sizeof(codepointer)"  (can be 
>> pre calculated)
>> - checks where in place to ensure it is divide-able by 8 / minimum of 8
>> - all resulting errors and problems (potentially a great many) would 
>> be fixed.
>> Allowing to make the value configurable.
> I want this feature since a long time since the default is 
> ridiculously small.
> I didn't think of putting it at the end of the block, and this could 
> indeed work.


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