[fpc-devel] Successful compile of fpc 2.7.1 hardfloat on ARM (Odroid U2)

Michel Catudal mcatudal at comcast.net
Sun Sep 8 00:56:40 CEST 2013

with two patches in my ebuild file I was able to compile the latest fpc snapshot on funtoo on the Odroid U2

In the compile section I pointed to the 2.6.2 fpc compiler

        emake -j5 OPT='-dFPC_ARMHF' PP=/usr/bin/ppcarm_2.6.2 compiler_cycle

and in the install section I had to change the location where to find fpcmake, the original /utils/fpcm/fpcmake location was generating errors

        set -- PP="${pp}" FPCMAKE="${S}/utils/fpcm/bin/arm-linux/fpcmake" \
            INSTALL_PREFIX="${D}"usr \
            INSTALL_DOCDIR="${D}"usr/share/doc/${PF} \
            INSTALL_MANDIR="${D}"usr/share/man \


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