[fpc-devel] Can someone confir 2.7.2 cross arm is currently build-able

Thaddy thaddy at thaddy.com
Tue Sep 3 11:56:06 CEST 2013

On 2-9-2013 19:51, Sven Barth wrote:
> Every other developer of FPC will tell you the same: The only 
> supported version for compiling a development (2.7.1) or fixes (2.6.3) 
> version is either the last release (2.6.2) or a development/fixes 
> version of the same revision and nothing else.
> 2.7.1 definitely is a development version and it sometimes happens 
> that things will break in a way that a older revision is no longer 
> able to build a newer one. We do not check for compatibility with 
> older revisions and the only way we guarantee that works is a 
> compilation with 2.6.2.
> The softfloat 2.6.2 compiler should be able to compile a hard float 
> one and as far as I've understood the softfloat discussion it should 
> also work on hardfloat systems. Otherwise you could compile a 
> hardfloat compiler on a Debian system (using a 2.6.2 as starting 
> compiler), move that to your odroid U2 and build the compiler (of the 
> same revision!) with that (the compiler does not use libc or any other 
> library so you can freely move it between Linux systems).
> Regards,
> Sven
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Your answer is to the point and right.
It is of ultimate importance, though, that the compiler options for 
armXX have changed considerably since 2.6.2/3.
For my Friday toys (Pi's) I use 2.7.1 with the new ARM options and 
I think that is a perfectly viable option.
Maybe it is just a case of pointing out exactly that.
There are still no public makefiles that support those options, afaik.

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