[fpc-devel] Can someone confir 2.7.2 cross arm is currently build-able

Sven Barth pascaldragon at googlemail.com
Tue Sep 3 08:03:37 CEST 2013

Am 03.09.2013 04:10 schrieb "Michel Catudal" <mcatudal at comcast.net>:
> Le 2013-09-02 13:51, Sven Barth a écrit :
> >
> > Every other developer of FPC will tell you the same: The only supported
version for compiling a development (2.7.1) or fixes (2.6.3) version is
either the last release (2.6.2) or a development/fixes version of the same
revision and nothing else.
> >
> I am not sure that this is entirely true. I do understand that it is
possible as you say that sometimes it won't compile, but that part doesn't
fail to compile. What fails is when it is time to use the newly created
> Do you mean to say that the compiler created by the dev version is junk
and that is the problem?

The ppc1 you see in the make output uses the RTL of its own revision
compiled by your previous 2.7.1 compiler. Now some change inside the RTL
and maybe the compiler results in your previous compiler to generate a non
working RTL.
The problems that occur when you use an older dev version to compile a
younger one can sometimes be very strange. I often had the problem myself
when I forgot to switch back from the trunk compiler to the last release

> > 2.7.1 definitely is a development version and it sometimes happens that
things will break in a way that a older revision is no longer able to build
a newer one. We do not check for compatibility with older revisions and the
only way we guarantee that
> > works is a compilation with 2.6.2.
> >
> > The softfloat 2.6.2 compiler should be able to compile a hard float one
and as far as I've understood the softfloat discussion it should also work
on hardfloat systems. Otherwise you could compile a hardfloat compiler on a
Debian system (using a 2.6.2 as
> > starting compiler), move that to your odroid U2 and build the compiler
(of the same revision!) with that (the compiler does not use libc or any
other library so you can freely move it between Linux systems).
> >
> I allready have a hard float 2.6.2 compiler on my odroid ubuntu. I guess
I should rename my ubuntu to something else because it is no longer a true
ubuntu since it is very similar to mint. I took out unity and its companion
snooping crap (kind of like a
> trojan) Before I had unity replaced with mate it tried to uninstall just
about everything when I tried to remove zeitgeist. ssh was usefull to
recover stuff after the first attempt to remove zeitgeist.
> On ubuntu I can use alternative to switch between the two. I will try
that. On funtoo I do not have it setup to use alternative, I will have to
remove my current fpc and put the latest release. I still have the original
source code that compiled correctly
> so I can always go back to it if your theory doesn't work. I will try
your suggestion on ubuntu first.

You should be able to take your 2.6.2 hardfloat ppcarm binary only from
your Ubuntu and copy that to your funtoo. You can then invoke the
compilation this way:

make clean all FPC=/path/to/2.6.2/ppcarm

You should nevertheless have your 2.7.1 bin directory in $PATH as a few
other tools (e.g. data2inc) might be needed when installing (don't know
whether we changed that already to use the freshly compiled one first...)

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