[fpc-devel] where do download BinUtils for ARM - Raspberry Pi?

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> Does  BBBB have a stable stock supply?

Note this response I saw to a question about the BeagleBoard/BeagleBone:

"Are we talking the "design" or the board? We will not guarantee continued
supply of any version of the BeagleBone. We will change it as we deem
necessary to make it better. Therefore if you put the BeagleBone boards in
a product, you will find that a particular revision is no longer made and
you cannot buy them. If you want to use the design in a product, that is
fine. If you want to build the board yourself, that is fine. We are not in
the business to crank out thousands of boards for someone to stick in their
product., We want to use our production capacity to build boards that go to
the community. If we determine that a distributor is selling the BeagleBone
for commercial use, they will find their supply of boards will not be there.


So you might want to be careful about using them "straight from the mfg",
but you can build your own from the design data all you like.

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