[fpc-devel] where do download BinUtils for ARM - Raspberry Pi?

Graeme Geldenhuys graeme at geldenhuys.co.uk
Mon Jun 24 01:39:55 CEST 2013

On 23/06/13 20:56, Florian Klämpfl wrote:
> So they support now native development on MacOS X as well?

No, all development is still ONLY done under Windows. You cross compile
to OS X and iOS. You also remote debug to OS X and iOS.

I still think forcing a Windows licence for somebody that wants to
develop for iOS only is bad. After all, Apple already forced you to
purchase Apple hardware to develop for any of their platforms.

But what I was getting at is that Embarcadero made cross compiling and
remote debugging a no-brainer. Trying to do the same thing with FPC and
Lazarus IDE is a huge pita! I'm not saying its impossible, it's just not
nearly at the convenience level Delphi does it. "right click on project
and select 'Add target'; double click on new target to make it active;
Ctrl+F9 to compile"

> The problem are platforms like linux where linking is basically
> impossible without having the libraries of the target system available.

I consider Linux and OS X similar - both *nix type OS'es. Delphi manages
it, though I don't know the exact details of how they do it. I believe
they get around the linking problem (and remote debugging) by using the
PAServer, and using XCode command line tools for the final step in
building a project.

  - Graeme -

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