[fpc-devel] where do download BinUtils for ARM - Raspberry Pi?

Dennis Poon dennis at avidsoft.com.hk
Fri Jun 21 18:23:24 CEST 2013

I have successfully compiled my lnet+SSL program on Raspberry Pi. Due to 
its slow CPU, it took a while but everything worked :-)
Good to know there are more low-cost easy to use ARM platform in the market.

Please do share your experience with BeagleBone especially on how to 
write OSless FPC applications on it.  That should tremendously reduce 
the boot time.  Currently Pi took 20 seconds to boot to text shell of 
the default OS Raspbian.  Hear for ArchLinux, it takes 10.
How long does BeagleBone take to boot to shell?

I suppose an embedded (OS-less) app shall boot very quickly.


Michael Schnell wrote:
> On 06/19/2013 06:10 PM, Dennis Poon wrote:
>> I have mostly given up on creating the cross compiler for 
>> MIPSEB-OpenWrt (or DD-WRT) platform.
> That is a shame !
> (When the time comes,) I would be very interested in a decently 
> supported MIPS compiler and IDE-support, as the PIC32 series, that is 
> based on a MIPS CPU, offers a lot of really nice and cheap chips and 
> rumors say that there very soon will be even more, providing lots of 
> internal RAM and FLASH.
>> Now, my plan B is to create a cross compiler (from x86 Linux) to 
>> ARM-Raspberry Pi
> I don't understand why RPI (still) gets so much interest.
> A friend of mine just bought two BeagleBone "Black" boards for EUR 
> 38.- (+VAT) each. With the extremely versatile and well supported TI 1 
> GHz chip (that is taken from TI's "AM..." series of devices for 
> "embedded" use instead of for "cellphone" use), with 512 MB RAM and 
> additional "internal SD-Card", and with a HDMI socket.
> He is up to try to install and develop with FPC/Lazarus ASAP. (Please 
> com back with any question on that behalf, I'm going to forward them.)
> I definitively would use this board for my future "embedded" projects.
> -Michael
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