[fpc-devel] where do download BinUtils for ARM - Raspberry Pi?

Michael Ring mail at michael-ring.org
Thu Jun 20 23:41:29 CEST 2013

You should better install the native port of lazarus & freepascal on the 
raspberry and connect the machine to a display/mouse/keyboard. Install 
latest raspian from http://www.raspberrypi.org/downloads

and here's a user-guide for installing lazarus/fpc: 

Then you can then use lazarus in exactly the same way as on your linux 
box, performance may not be stellar but you will have a working system 
in no time.

Doing crosscompiles and remotedebugging will add a level of complexity 
that will not justify the better performance of lazarus when using it on 
the 'real' linux box. At least not in the beginning of your journey.


Am 19.06.13 18:10, schrieb Dennis Poon:
> I have mostly given up on creating the cross compiler for 
> MIPSEB-OpenWrt (or DD-WRT) platform.
> Now, my plan B is to create a cross compiler (from x86 Linux) to 
> ARM-Raspberry Pi
> I know the default raspberry pi os is Raspbian which is a version of 
> debian. If possible, I'd like to get a binutils toolchain for raspbian.
> If not, I will be happy to use one for ARM debian.
> Anyone has experience in doing the above?
> Thanks.
> Dennis
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