[fpc-devel] infodwarf using lots of CPU, due to missing error check / patch

Martin lazarus at mfriebe.de
Thu Jul 25 15:42:58 CEST 2013

In ParseCompilationUnit line 579  / trunk (form within last 7 days)
         extended_opcode_length := ReadULEB128();
             for i := 0 to extended_opcode_length-2 do

I have a case where that goes wrong. the length is well over 1 million 
(obviously wrong)
In the loop there is no check, if "ReadNext" has failed. So it fails 
over a million times (or it keeps one of my cpu cores busy for a long 
long time....

I propose to add 2 checks, for the result of "ReadNext".
Exit should be save, as the var param "found" must be false in both 
cases. But if it is prefered, then code could be modified to set a flag 
(in the for loop), and then "break" the while loop.

Index: rtl/inc/lnfodwrf.pp
--- rtl/inc/lnfodwrf.pp    (revision 25146)
+++ rtl/inc/lnfodwrf.pp    (working copy)
@@ -579,6 +579,9 @@
          extended_opcode_length := ReadULEB128();
          extended_opcode := ReadNext();
          case (extended_opcode) of
+          -1: begin
+            exit;
+          end;
            DW_LNE_END_SEQUENCE : begin
              state.end_sequence := true;
              state.append_row := true;
@@ -598,7 +601,8 @@
            else begin
              DEBUG_WRITELN('Unknown extended opcode (opcode ', 
extended_opcode, ' length ', extended_opcode_length, ')');
              for i := 0 to extended_opcode_length-2 do
-              ReadNext();
+              if ReadNext() = -1 then
+                exit;

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