[fpc-devel] BBB / PRUS / M3 and fpc

Michael Schnell mschnell at lumino.de
Fri Jul 5 10:55:22 CEST 2013

Recently, here, we had some interesting (though off topic) discussions 
on doing embedded projects using the "BeagleBone Black" hardware and fpc 
generated software.

Now using fpc to do software for the main processor (an ARM Cortex A8 
running on Linux) is obviously possible and rather well supported. (In 
fact Lazarus can be used native on the BBB, and be controlled either by 
the local video subsystem hardware and a mouse/keyboard via USB or by 
running a VNC server on the BBB and using a normal PC as a GUI 
remote-control via Ethernet. Additionally See my mail in the Lazarus 
Forum regarding an Angstrom package.) (Cross development should be 
possible, too, but has not yet been made working.)

On top of this, the BBB (within the AM335x Chip by TI) provides two 
additional ARM Cortex M3 processors that are not supposed to run on a 
formal OS.

(How) Is it possible to create software for same using fpc ?

- Michael

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