[fpc-devel] Encoded AnsiString

Paul Ishenin paul.ishenin at gmail.com
Mon Dec 30 07:02:00 CET 2013

30.12.2013 9:07, Hans-Peter Diettrich пишет:
> Do you think that FPC should really reproduce all this inconsistent 
> behaviour? Who would test or even specify the compatible behaviour, 
> when every new variation will result in more unexpected results? IMO 
> it's much easier to do it right, and fix the Delphi flaws in FPC.

The work is already done by FPC team. AnsiString(codepage) works and 
works compatible with Delphi (whether someone like this or not) and the 
behavior is covered by tests. Trunk version is very close to 2.8 
release. The only related thing which we thought to touch before the 
release was resourcestring handling. If I have some free time during the 
new year holidays I will look at it.

So how one can help at this stage:

1. Check related FPC tests and write new for the missing cases.
2. Compare FPC and Delphi RTL classes which had beed adjusted in Delphi 
during the unicodestring move and check whether something minor can be 
added to FPC.

All major changes like the new TStringList class based on UnicodeString 
should wait for 2.8 release.

Best regards,
Paul Ishenin

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