[fpc-devel] fpc on odroid (ARM hardfloat)

Michel Catudal mcatudal at comcast.net
Sat Aug 10 06:06:18 CEST 2013

For those interested I have created a repository for ubuntu 13.04 on odroid. Sorry about the typo in my previous comment, an extra d was in the name, google isn't likely to find the right site with a typo in the name.


Ignore the suggested download file, that is bogus and I haven't seen anyway to remove that ridiculous suggestion. Look at the wiki for details on how to install fpc and lazarus

You will find binaries for fpc 2.6.2 with hard float support as well as larazus 1. The code is based on the code from Debian. There is a small issue with a package that doesn't seem to exist, for menus I guess. It doesn't keep lazarus from loading, just an
anoying message as you start lazarus.

You will also find on that repository binaries for the mate desktop. Those who much like me hate gnome 3 with a passion will appreciate the contribution. This should also work on Mele, I haven't tried it since I do not use ubuntu on the Mele but gentoo,
soon to be replaced with funtoo. On either funtoo or gentoo all you have to do is use the Sabayon overlay. There might be a few files to convert, if you have issues with it just send me a note on the sourceforge directory.

For those interested I will publish an image for funtoo on odroid in a few weeks.


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