[fpc-devel] Offer to repair and maintain the FPC community website (repeat msg, no HTML)

Sven Barth pascaldragon at googlemail.com
Wed Sep 26 14:58:10 CEST 2012

Am 26.09.2012 14:36, schrieb Kostas Michalopoulos:
> Then is community - FreePascal's current forums are awful and because
> of that, dead. I'd suggest to archive them and install a modern board
> that follows all the conventions that people have learned from the
> hundreds of thousands of other forums out there. Mailing list is good
> too, but to be honest they're hard to search and depend too much on
> your mail client to be properly configured, etc.
> If possible the FreePascal forums should be merged with the Lazarus
> forums (but **NOT** in the current dreadful Lazarus site!) since,
> honestly, a lot of people look for FreePascal via Lazarus. While
> they're technically different projects, from an outsider's point of
> view this distinction isn't important, especially considering how many
> of Lazarus and FPC developers work on both projects.

You are not the only one with the idea to "give up" on the Free Pascal 
forums and integrate them with the Lazarus forum. I already read that 
idea some time ago on the core list.

Regarding mailing lists: If I know that certain content was sent since 
I'm registered I'll use my mailing client's search otherwise I do a 
"searchterm site:freepascal.org" in Google. ;)


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