[fpc-devel] Offer to repair and maintain the FPC community website (repeat msg, no HTML)

Daniël Mantione daniel.mantione at freepascal.org
Tue Sep 25 09:35:14 CEST 2012

Op Tue, 25 Sep 2012, schreef Cephas Atheos:

> [My apologies for the previous message attempt - obviously the list server
> doesn't handle html at all, and I could have checked for that first. Sorry
> for the block of base64!]
> G'day everyone,
> As you may be aware, there are a number of significant problems with the
> FPC community site.
> For new users, it's a bit of a minefield, and isn't a really good
> introduction to the wonderful FPC community.
> I'd like to offer my support and assistance in cleaning up the pages,
> fixing links and server errors, and generally helping to bring the site
> (possibly kicking and screaming! :) up to scratch.


I'm fully aware of limitations, and happy to take take help, but please 
understand I am skeptical to plans like "let's install PhpBB" and those 
are not fundamental plans.

The FPC community predates most forums on the internet and if I'm right 
the first messages date from 1999. It maintains full backward 
compatibility (even old URL's of the previous generation software) still 
work, scales well and is resonably hacker proof.

So work has to be either on improving the current system, or a 
proper thought out plan to replace it with another well working system 
that can last again for well over a decade.


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