[fpc-devel] Offer to repair and maintain the FPC community website (repeat msg, no HTML)

Cephas Atheos uncleborg at gmail.com
Mon Sep 24 16:16:05 CEST 2012

[My apologies for the previous message attempt - obviously the list server
doesn't handle html at all, and I could have checked for that first. Sorry
for the block of base64!]

G'day everyone,

As you may be aware, there are a number of significant problems with the
FPC community site.

For new users, it's a bit of a minefield, and isn't a really good
introduction to the wonderful FPC community.

I'd like to offer my support and assistance in cleaning up the pages,
fixing links and server errors, and generally helping to bring the site
(possibly kicking and screaming! :) up to scratch.

I'm positive the folks responsible for the site just have too much on
their hands, I know exactly how that can sneak up on you!

I'm a semi-retired hardware specialist and software (delphi) developer
(30+ years of Turbo Pascal and Delphi), just getting into FPC (and OS X)
after a decade of watching and hoping Embarcadero would focus on small
developers again. (yeah, that went well - US$3,550 for the latest IDE!!
Even TPB choked on that!)

I've also designed and built a number of websites (mainly primary schools,
small businesses, and my own business site), using ONLY stable, known–good
tools (no fancy flash, dreamweaver, or any of that crap) to make robust,
usable sites. A touch of PHP wouldn't go astray, either. (I'm sure that
future directions can be discussed once the main pages are back up and
running again. But that is a discussion we need to have one day… Just

I definitely have the time, the passion, and I'm pretty sure I have the
skills to at least fix the current problems, and I guess I'd like to be
involved later in the future, although that will need everyone's input.

For now, I'd like to offer what I've got, gratis, as a way of saying
"thanks" to everyone who's helped me with my pascal issues. I've requested
access formally through the webpage, but I haven't heard anything yet, so
I'm hoping a general message to the list will help to focus the issue a
bit more clearly. I'd really like to start right away – the low hanging
fruit can be hit in a day or so of work, and then we can see and
prioritise the rest. But right now, I want to stop new users going away

Thanks for reading this far. I hope to see and hear most of you online
real soon. And I look forward to helping in some small way to bring FPC to
the people who will benefit most.

Pete from ɹǝpun uʍop

Peter Naus (CephasAtheos at gmail.com, PCPete at audiography.com.au)

P.S. My apologies for "shotgunning" or cross-posting this request, but I
really want to make sure I reach the right folks with this. Thanks for
your understanding.

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