[fpc-devel] fp IDE and gdbint on Debian Wheezy/testing

Mark Morgan Lloyd markMLl.fpc-devel at telemetry.co.uk
Fri Oct 26 21:46:42 CEST 2012

Ewald wrote:
> Hello,
> I believe Tomas is right saying that there are some symbols missing.
> These funcions appear to be part of gcc's initialization/finalization
> equivalent for shared objects (a quick search told me this). I once had
> a similar issue with a symbol called `__dso_handle`, the fix for it was
> to declare the symbol (as there was apparantly noone using it, but a
> linker expecting it).
> If I were you, I would try to declare these to functions; but I can give
> you no garanties that it will help you in any way:
>     Procedure _init; cdecl; public name '_init';
>     Begin
>     End;
>     Procedure _fini; cdecl; public name '_fini';
>     Begin
>     End;
> Hope it helps.

I'm trying Thomas's suggestion first, pending Florian's comments.

> BTW: Is this behaviour the same with gcc < version 4.6 insalled?

Don't know, and since I'm also lining up various "errata" to raise with 
Debian- some of which are decidedly ripe- I'm very reluctant to do 
anything non-standard to the system.

Mark Morgan Lloyd
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