[fpc-devel] FPC related fairy tale

Mark Morgan Lloyd markMLl.fpc-devel at telemetry.co.uk
Fri Oct 19 15:06:03 CEST 2012

Michael Schnell wrote:
> On 10/19/2012 02:10 PM, Mark Morgan Lloyd wrote:
>> Pray tell.
> AFAIK, MIPS has not completely seen the light of day.
> I fell this would be a really interesting Architecture, as e.g. 
> Microchip adopted it for PIC32 and they are aggressively developing more 
> and more chips on that base. I heard about one to come that might run 
> with 400 MHz and have several MByte internal Flash and some 512 K of 
> internal RAM (and of course lots of PIC-standard on-Chip peripherals)
> Seems very appropriate for versatile embedded controllers.

It looked pretty darned good when I was running it under Qemu two days ago.

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