[fpc-devel] Re: FPC related fairy tale

Sven Barth pascaldragon at googlemail.com
Thu Oct 18 17:58:40 CEST 2012

Am 18.10.2012 13:13, schrieb Sven Barth:
> Over the past weeks I've spent some time on getting something to work in
> FPC and now I'm about to commit this either this evening or at least
> this weekend (depending on the time I have). Now I thought that I'd make
> a little test to see how good you know FPC and thus I've written a
> little fairy tale which is more or less loosely based on the work I've
> done.
> One important note beforehand though: it may sound as if I'm critizing
> some actions of the other FPC core devs in this tale, but this is
> definitely NOT my intention, so take the story not too seriously, please
> ;) [and also keep in mind, please, that I'm not a native English
> speaker...]
> So... now I'm curious what you think I have worked on and I'm also
> curious whether someone can fully "decipher" that little story. :)

Thank you all for your suggestions. I hadn't thought that my story is 
that unobvious, but at least one of you got it right. :D
There were definitely some nice suggestions like the unit loading stuff 
(which is indeed on my longterm ToDo list if no one else beats me there 
;) ). Generics and helpers are my usual topics, so those don't apply 
here as well (though you, Paul are in so far right that I'm currently 
also working on type helpers (proof of concept) and generic constraints 
(nearly Delphi compatible already)). Special thanks goes to Marco for 
indeed trying to decipher the story.

But now the solution (I can't hold it back any longer myself ^^): Pierre 
was right. M68k is BACK!

At least 2.7.1 is again able to generate working executables though 
currently only primitive programs do indeed work as I have encountered 
problems with the heap manager and stdio (though this could all be 
related to the fact that SetJmp/LongJmp is not implemented yet...). Also 
I'm currently only testing on QEMU's Coldfire emulation (cfv4e to be 
precise), but I also plan to test Aranym (which emulates a M68040) and 
to purchase myself a cfv4e development board (cause ARM isn't geeky 
enough anymore with all those cheap boards :P ). So I hope to get the 
compiler fully running at least for m68k-linux (natively) and maybe 
m68k-embedded (cross) and to maintain that state, but every other target 
(e.g. Amiga) will be up to contributors.

And now you might be able to decipher the story a bit better :) (but I'm 
still eager to read suggestions)


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