[fpc-devel] FPC related fairy tale

Marco van de Voort marcov at stack.nl
Thu Oct 18 13:35:30 CEST 2012

In our previous episode, Sven Barth said:
> Once upon a time there was a small kingdom ruled by a kind king. The 
> king had two daughters and more children were planned to come. But the 
> king had already problems to find approbiate rooms for his second child. 

children=Delphi and Kylix

> So he ordered his mages to reconstruct the castle in a way that the 
> ever-growing family can easily be accommodated.

reconstruction=CLX? (or Firemonkey?)

> The mages immediately began with their work and reshaped the castle with 
> their spells. But as the work on the castle neared its completion a 
> terrible accident happend to the second princess when she played between 
> the working mages.

> She was no longer able to walk or even sit upright 
> without support. 

End of support of Kylix.

>The mages tried their best to heal her, but in the end they needed to
> finish the castle so that the royal family could have their home back
> before the winter strikes.  But even after the castle had been finished
> they didn't have enough time for the disabled princess as the family had
> already grown during the mages' work and required their full attention. 
> And so the days and months passed by in which the second daughter of the
> king was confined to her room and could not join in the family's
> activities.  Then one day a young mage came along and joined the mages of
> the castle.  He helped them with maintaining the magically enhanced
> castle, but while searching for places to fix and further extend he
> stumpled upon the room of the isolated princess. 

Mage is Lazarus/freepascal, helping old Kylixers to migrate, and remove
their codebase from being "iced"/isolated.

> spent the evenings after his normal work at the castle in the library and
> looked through the books about healing magic.  Sometimes he then went to
> the princess' chamber and applied his newly learned knowledge.  After some
> weeks his work finally paid off and the girl was able to feel and move her
> legs again.

A Kylix codebase compiles/starts to work with FPC/Lazarus

> Although she needed to move slowly and with the help of crutches

Crutches=libc unit obviously

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