[fpc-devel] Testing MIPS: newbie questions

Mark Morgan Lloyd markMLl.fpc-devel at telemetry.co.uk
Tue Oct 16 09:03:36 CEST 2012

Nikolai Zhubr wrote:
> Hi,
> 15.10.2012 23:57, Mark Morgan Lloyd:
> [...]
>>> So most of the problems described in
>>> http://wiki.lazarus.freepascal.org/Native_MIPS_Systems
>>> should not be present anymore...
>> I'll update that presently. What I want to try doing first is running
>> the compiler natively (hosted by Qemu), later I might try putting it on
>> real hardware but I anticipate the endianness issue will take some work.
> In case you need something for testing/debugging/documenting/whatever 
> and encounter any problems getting your SGI boxes running - I can create 
> an account for you here for ssh access (both big and little endian, both 
> are up approx 24/7 anyway). Just let me know (in private).

Thanks Nikolai, noted. Progress will be intermittent here since I'm 
interleaving with much else, but I might take you up on that offer.

Mark Morgan Lloyd
markMLl .AT. telemetry.co .DOT. uk

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