[fpc-devel] Testing MIPS: newbie questions

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> Objet : [fpc-devel] Testing MIPS: newbie questions
> In trunk, is there any particular reason why tbs/tb0072.pp refers to
> CPUSMIPS rather than CPUMIPS?
  This is probably an error on my side :(
Fixed in rev 22655,
thanks for noticing!

> I notice that in system.pp and in linux/ptypes.inc etc., conditionals
> refer to CPUMIPS while in other places they refer to CPUMIPS32 and/or
> CPUMIPSEL32. Is this correct?

  CPUMIPS is defined for both mips big endian and little endian targets,
CPUMIPSEL is defined only for little endian mips target,
CPUMIPSEB is defined only for big endian mips target.

CPUMIPS32 is here to specify that it is a 32bit system,
and to possibly separate out future 64bit specific code.
(Nothing ready on this side yet...)

  I am not sure all of the uses in rtl are really correct
(in the sense that they apply to the right sub-category of target...)
Please do not hesitate to report all suspicious instances.

  There are still plenty of bug in the code generator,
help would be most appreciated!

Pierre Muller

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