[fpc-devel] Arm Hardfloat

peter green plugwash at p10link.net
Thu Oct 4 22:37:20 CEST 2012

Den Jean wrote:
> On Thursday 04 October 2012 21:54:19 Thomas Schatzl wrote:
>> Basically the difference between armel and armhf are
>>   - fpc cannot create valid armhf shared libraries
>> Other problems common to both (just from interpreting the testsuite
>> results, filtering known failing tests):
>>   - there are issues with threading/synchronization (test machine is a
>> quad-core box, previous test machine was single core where as usual such
>> problems don't show up)
>>   - fpu exceptions/setting fpu exception mask seem to not work
>>   - some problems with fpc resources
> Thx for the info
> In the Qt binding I need to do this 
> SetExceptionMask([exDenormalized,exInvalidOp,exOverflow,exPrecision,exUnderflow,exZeroDivide]);
> because of Qt C++ not allowing such exceptions
> is this a problem ?
Short answer no.

Long answer: the reason those tests are failing is because the processor 
simply does not support floating point exceptions. So your calls to c++ 
are fine but your pascal code will need to be modified if it was 
previously relying on floating point exceptions.

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