[fpc-devel] about mips/mipsel chaos

Fuxin Zhang zhangfx at lemote.com
Sat Jun 9 03:32:31 CEST 2012

>>    define mips, cpumips, mips32 for use of common mips related code
>>    define mipsel/mipsel32 for little endian cpus
>>    define mipseb/mipseb32 for big endian cpus
>>  to avoid code like "if defined(mips) or defined(mipsel)" ...
>> everywhere.
>> What do you think? If ok, I will go on to make the patches.
> That definitely needs comment from Jonas, Florian, or another core
> developer. It's an issue I struggled with last Summer when I was trying
> to work through David Zhang's code.

Yes, I agree. Some long term constants are involved. But anyway current
situation needs a clean up. 64 bit MIPS processors become more popular, we
might have need to support mips64 soon. el/eb * 32/64 will be a
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