[fpc-devel] about mips/mipsel chaos

Fuxin Zhang zhangfx at lemote.com
Fri Jun 8 17:57:11 CEST 2012

hi buddys,

 Current trunk code use both CPUMIPS/CPUMIPS32/CPUMIPSEL etc. which make
it easy to be wrong. For example, now the rtl code use only CPUMIPS, so
for mipsel something will be wrong. It brings me some troubles while
trying to integrate patches already.

  Since mipsel/mips has most of the code equal(code is endian free or use
endian setting in target_info), I would like to propose make such

   define mips, cpumips, mips32 for use of common mips related code
   define mipsel/mipsel32 for little endian cpus
   define mipseb/mipseb32 for big endian cpus

 to avoid code like "if defined(mips) or defined(mipsel´╝ë" ... everywhere.

What do you think? If ok, I will go on to make the patches.


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