[fpc-devel] Question about Currency support

Fuxin Zhang zhangfx at lemote.com
Mon Jun 4 04:30:27 CEST 2012


  The tests/test/cg/taddcurr.pp fails for mips now, after some tracing,
I've reduced the error to a simpler one:
program t;

  i,j : currency;
  j := -1.001;
  i := j / 10.0;

  writeln(i,' ',j);

The generated code is:
        .stabn 68,0,6,.Ll2 - main
        addiu   $3,$0,-10010              //load -10010 to a int64 store
        lui     $2,%hi(U_$P$T_$$_J)
        sw      $3,%lo(U_$P$T_$$_J)($2)
        addiu   $2,$0,-1
        lui     $3,%hi(U_$P$T_$$_J+4)
        addiu   $3,$3,%lo(U_$P$T_$$_J+4)
        sw      $2,($3)
        .stabn 68,0,7,.Ll3 - main
        lui     $2,%hi(U_$P$T_$$_J)
        lw      $4,%lo(U_$P$T_$$_J)($2)
        lui     $2,%hi(U_$P$T_$$_J+4)
        addiu   $2,$2,%lo(U_$P$T_$$_J+4)
        lw      $5,($2)
        jal     fpc_int64_to_double    //convert it to double
        lui     $2,%hi(_$T$_Ld1)
        addiu   $2,$2,%lo(_$T$_Ld1)
        lwc1    $f2,($2)
        div.s   $f0,$f0,$f2           // div 10000.0, but problem is that
f0 contains a double value, here div.s is used
        lui     $2,%hi(_$T$_Ld2)
        addiu   $2,$2,%lo(_$T$_Ld2)
        lwc1    $f2,($2)
        div.s   $f0,$f0,$f2          // should be div 10.0
        lui     $2,%hi(_$T$_Ld1)
        addiu   $2,$2,%lo(_$T$_Ld1)
        lwc1    $f2,($2)
        mul.s   $f0,$f0,$f2          // mul 10000.0
        cvt.d.s $f0,$f0
        swc1    $f0,84($29)
        swc1    $f1,88($29)
        lw      $4,84($29)
        lw      $5,88($29)
        jal     fpc_round_real

I guess it is related to mips/ncpucvn.pas:
when compared to ncnv.pas, it seems ignore the floatype of resultdef. But
using the inherited first_int_to_real is impossible since
int64_to_float64/float32 etc. are not implemented(how can the sparc
version work if so, it call the inherited one?)

  for the statement i := j / 10.0, is that in the div node, resultdef
refers to i, left refers to j, and right refers to 10.0?
  But for the typeconvnode, what is the result/left/right node?
In general, is there a way for me to learn about the node generating
process? E.g. add print somewhere to show it? Add in each node seems too

Thanks in advance.

Fuxin Zhang

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