[fpc-devel] Bounty for MIPS

Andrew Haines AndrewD207 at aol.com
Mon Jan 30 21:57:12 CET 2012

On 01/30/12 07:19, Mark Morgan Lloyd wrote:
> Nikolai Zhubr wrote:
>> Hi,
>> 29.01.2012 19:32, Jy V:
>> [...]
>>> on the WNDR3800 the OpenWRT installed gives
>>> root at OpenWrt:~# uname -a
>>> Linux OpenWrt #5 Wed Dec 21 01:59:33 CET 2011 mips GNU/Linux
>> I've got wndr3800 too, and moreover I don't use it for the moment. So
>> instead of collecting dust it could do something usefull. Installing
>> debian on it will probably not be as quick and easy as openwrt but
>> still if debian mips userspace is able to run on it, I could give it a
>> try and then ssh will be available for FPC developers if installation
>> succeeds. It is apparently big endian though. Would it make sense to try?
> Bear in mind that there's Debian for both endiannesses of MIPS, I'm
> running mipsel via Qemu to reasonable effect. Experience with small ARM
> systems suggests that having enough memory is crucial, 128Mb with swap
> to 512 should be OK but these days I'd not like to try smaller.
> But I don't know to what extent trying to implement the compiler and
> runtimes for mips and mipsel simultaneously would complicate things.

I spent a little time researching qemu with MIPS but couldn't find
anything current. Can you give me some pointers on setting that up?


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