[fpc-devel] Bounty for MIPS

Nikolay Nikolov nickysn at users.sourceforge.net
Mon Jan 30 12:06:10 CET 2012

On 01/29/2012 02:21 PM, Florian Klämpfl wrote:
> Main problem with MIPS is to get hands on a reasonable development
> system (full fledged unix like Debian Linux, *BSD, CPU in the range of 1
> GHz, 128 MB or more RAM, at least 1 GB of HD/SSD). Cross compiling is
> possible of course, but it makes testing and bug fixing very tedious. If
> ssh to such a system is available, I'll look into fixing the MIPS port
> without any bounty.
FYI, the Lemote Yeeloong is a nice MIPS netbook designed for hardcore 
free/opensource geeks:


It has: "Loongson 2f 64-bit MIPS-compatible processor, 1GB RAM, 160GB 
Hard Drive"

Disclaimer: I don't have it, I just know that it exists and sounds like 
a great option for doing a FPC port.

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