[fpc-devel] Re: On a port of Free Pascal to the IBM 370

rvmartin2 at ntlworld.com rvmartin2 at ntlworld.com
Fri Jan 20 09:49:32 CET 2012

Paul Robinson <paul at paul-robinson.us> wrote the following on 19/01/12 23:28:01:
> I guess I should make a few qualifiers here.
> I think that a mainframe port should be made, if for no other reason than to keep C from being the only choice for developing programs on mainframes (other than Cobol, of course, and dinosaurs like me that know it are rapidly becoming petroleum!)

I used IBM's VS/Pascal and Pascal/VS for many years and really liked them.
(IUO and public versions of the same compiler.)
And there's always PL/1!

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