[fpc-devel] Statistics on compiling the Free Pascal compiler for Win32

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Tue Jan 17 13:44:58 CET 2012


Why not ask the fpc developers (via fpc-devel) for access to the fpc svn
for your new code. This'll have advantage that it'll be easier for the fpc
gurus to advise on any changes needed for the new target, and of course
it'll make it available to everyone else too. As you probably know fpc has
been ported to many different architectures from the original linux & win32
i386, big/little endian, 32/64 bits alpha/sparc etc  -  tho' not such a
different architecture as yours maybe ! - so they know quite a bit about
the best way to do it.


On 17 January 2012 04:19, Paul Robinson <paul at paul-robinson.us> wrote:

> I wanted to actually test that the Free Pascal compiler - as originally
> written - would compile on my machine.  (Note for comp.compilers readers,
> the Free Pascal compiler is self-hosting, it is written in its own
> language, unlike, say, the GNU Pascal Compiler which is a front-end for the
> GNU Compiler Collection (the C++ compiler) and the GNU Pascal Compiler is
> written in C..
> Compiling using the DOS IDE, I brought up the file PP.PAS, declared it as
> the primary file, for compiler switches, I entered into the IDE the
> following:
> Win32  I386  cpu32bitaddr
> Each time it did not find a Pascal Unit I cheated, looked for the file and
> copied it into the 'compiler' directory rather than try to set the
> directories in the IDE because I was having trouble or doing something
> wrong and it didn't find the files.  So then, once it stopped complaining,
> I had it do a 'build' to do a complete scratch build of the compiler.  This
> is on a Windows XP Professional 32-Bit OS on a 64-bit machine - Dell
> Optiplex 760 - 2.2 GHZ processor, 3 GB of ram and more than 1.4 terabytes
> of free disk space.  This machine was bought as refurbished about 18 months
> ago for about $200 and had the extra disk and memory added later, adding
> about another $200 to its price (I got a good deal on a 2tb drive for $89;
> prices went up nearly 100% about 6 months later.).
> This was the result, I've copied off the results box shown by the FPIDE:
> One warning:
>    aasmtai.pas(396,11) Warning: Constructor should be public
> Main file: C:\..\compiler\pp.pas
> Done.
> Target: Win32 for i386
> Line number:    225     Total lines:      261804
> Used memory: 417612K    Allocated memory:  25792K
> Total errors:     0     Compile time:       13.9s
>         Compile successful: Press any key
> From the directories it creates 203 PPUs (the internal object library file
> used by Free Pascal to store Units).   The compiler itself is 11,727,679
> bytes.
> I deleted all ppu files and the exe file and re-ran build, and this time
> it took exactly 14 seconds.  Typing its name at the DOS prompt causes it to
> list all of the options and quit, indicating it is operational.
> In short, it compiled a program containing a total of about 262,000 lines
> of Pascal code in 14 seconds, which comes out to a compilation rate of
> around 1.12 million lines of code per minute.   So basically I, just like
> anyone else, for about the same amount as an ordinary person's salary for a
> week, can own a machine that runs basically at what was mainframe speed
> levels a few years ago.
> The Lessons of history teach us - if they teach us anything - that no one
> learns the lessons that history teaches us.
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> 47kSBLK5b/82hm44QA/p7K8z2xTLQx9G/Rt0AXD9Sdz2UfiZTnp/LHwOig07xc0O
> q6t936Br/98u0qAmK5ZK8HR3AVpSz8BCYlxRbAUdsk7stCwyM+YDxGlts2c0UJIk
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> pgsaaZOsshOCOdF85+/foiagBpwsKahgisW4N0Jb+eAeIRgs1WWsM2Ojwfyupe/J
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